Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sweet Potato Cupcakes

My beautiful sis-in-law Christine with her yummy Sweet Potato Cupcakes
I had my new Sis-in-law over on Sunday to watch the Super Bowl.  I had asked her if she could bring a dessert to go with all of the other yummy food we were having.  When she got here and I asked what she had brought, she said, "Sweet Potato Cupcakes"!  Sweet Potato what?  

Confession time:  Even though I grew up in the great state of Alabama and am Southern to the core I have never been very fond of sweet potatoes!  Growing up, my Mom made sweet potatoes on a regular basis and I always tolerated the few bites, I of course was required to eat.  (I am from the clean your plate generation)  It has only been the last several years that I have started to enjoy sweet potatoes.  I now feel I have started a "love affair" with them and really enjoy them no matter how they are made!  

Christine was reluctant to share her decadent recipe with the world and I have to understand that...  but Dang it!  They were SO good!  If you happen to have a favorite sweet potato recipe you think I should try please share it!  I would love to taste your favorite!  :-) 

Christine is so talented!  Check out some of her AWESOME creations!  Way to go girlie!  

Emma's Hunger Games B'day cake made by Christine

Monster cake
Mickey Mouse cake and cupcakes

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