Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Best breakfast in Salt Lake City

The Benedict Omelet w homefries & toast

A couple of weeks ago I was watching a show I love called, “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” on the Food Network.  I was watching them make all this yummy food from all of these different cities and I thought, “where are some places like this in Utah?”  All of a sudden, they spot lighted a restaurant named The Blue Plate Diner located here in Salt Lake City.  So, it will not surprise most of you that on Saturday morning, Nathan and I drove on over to The Blue Plate Diner to see if it was as good as it looked on TV.  WOW!  It was AMAZING!  I recommend everyone who lives close by to give it a try!  It will not disappoint!  Breakfast is served all day. Yum!  

Corned Beef and Hash w eggs & toast

The Blue Plate Diner
2041 South 2100 East Salt Lake City, UT 84108

The Blue Plate Diner is a restaurant serving breakfast all day, lunch and dinner, open 7 days a week, from 7 am until 9 pm every day!

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  1. This looks delicious! I'll check out this restaurant. Thanks for posting this!